When we need to find storage for our personal belongings there is normally a good reason. These can include life events such as moving to a new home, or just a desire to reclaim a certain space in your house to set up home office. You may be running out of space at home because you are welcoming a new baby and you need to create a baby room, or because your circumstances have changed which means you are downsizing. When you need to solve the problem of a lack of space, renting a unit in a self storage facility may be the answer to these personal storage problems.

By choosing a local storage company such as Stop & Store Lowestoft you will still be able to access your goods any time you wish, but they just won’t be cluttering up your space.

Storing Your Spare Belongings

We have been in the business of personal storage for many years, and we know that any change in personal circumstances can be very stressful, which can be exacerbated by having too many belongings. Packing up is difficult, but it can present the perfect opportunity to declutter by getting rid of items that you no longer have any use for. It is difficult deciding on what to keep and what to either sell or place in storage.


This represents the bulk of what you will have to move to your new address, and also obviously the costliest stuff to move. But instead of moving your old, worn couch or other items that may have seen better days, this could present the perfect opportunity to invest in some modern new pieces to brighten up your new home. If you are downsizing, your large old pieces will definitely need replacing with smaller items to fit into your new space. So decide if your furniture is too old and worn to be restored, or too large to fit into your new home, or even the wrong style as you may wish to change the look and colour scheme of your decor to something more modern. If it is still in good condition, consider placing it in storage to give you more time to decide what to do with it, be it donating it to a charity, selling it, or maybe a family member may need it at a later date.

Kitchen Items

Most of us are guilty of having a cluttered kitchen, with more than enough utensils, pots, appliances, and other items than we ever get around to using. We may be hanging onto appliances such as bread makers, donut makers, and other ones that were once fashionable and a must-have but that we no longer use. A move is an ideal time to get rid of the clutter in our kitchens, but we may not wish to just throw things away as they are still in good working condition. So this is the time to either sell them, donate them to a thrift shop, or keep them in your storage unit in case they are needed at a later date. This is especially true of appliances such as fridges or stoves which are expensive to replace and are worth keeping for when one of your family members is going away to university or setting up home for the first time.


We all have those items of clothing that we no longer use but for some reason, we hang onto them for just in case. Having too many clothes and shoes can take up a lot of cupboard space. This is also true of children’s clothes and toys which can cause major clutter. A move may inspire a big cleanout of your and your family members’ wardrobes. A change of season can also provide the perfect opportunity to pack away this season’s clothes. Consider a storage unit for the personal storage of these to make much needed space. Any clothing you wish to get rid of because the style may be out of fashion consider donating to a thrift shop or your favourite charity. You can do the same with children’s clothes that are in good condition, and also any toys.

Once you have sorted through your belongings and you have got rid of anything you no longer want, the goods that are left you may not have immediate use for, but you are still attached to them. Maybe they have sentimental value, or it may just be that you have no space at the moment. Children’s toys and baby equipment such as cots, and change stations, can clutter up space, but if you are planning on adding to your family, you will want to keep these for when you need them again. Seasonal clothing that only gets used for a few months of the year can clutter up your cupboards and can easily be stored. If you have seasonal holiday equipment such as tents, and skiing equipment which are bulky and need careful storage, you need to find a safe place for these to be stored.

Often a storage solution can be found just by sorting through your belongings and freeing up storage space in your home by hiring a self storage unit for your personal storage.

Reasons for Using Stop & Store Lowestoft

Stop & Store Lowestoft offers the flexibility of long- or short-term storage options, affordable rates, and we are open from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week, so if you need to fetch something or add anything to your storage unit, you are assured of easy access.

Our modern, lockable, steel partitioned rooms offer a fully secured environment. Add monitored CCTV, and intruder alarms, and you can rest assured that your belongings will be securely stored.

Once you have received your individual PIN you can start using your self storage unit. There are no deposits required, and no lengthy leases to be signed.

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