In this day and age, we strive for efficiency in what we do. Our workspaces are streamlined, our gadgets all functional and we are hardly able to live for five minutes without internet access or our mobile phones. Call it FOMO, the fear of missing out, it’s the way most of us live.

It’s true to say that the more organized we are, the more productive and efficiently we work. Having our tools of the trade on hand neatly stored and ready for use is one of the big factors in good management of work and time. Whether it’s at home or in business, a well planned and implemented storage system is a must. When looking at such storage solutions, space is a cost factor in our daily lives and maximizing the use of space is key to efficient space management.

Which brings us to the subject of the cost of space when looking at storage solutions. How does a homeowner or businessperson manage this cost and what are the options available?

Home is often a place of continuous improvement. As and when they can afford to, most homeowners seek to increase their material possessions and improve their living conditions. This will entail new appliances, larger couches, a new hot tub, or upgrading of gadgets as new smart technology takes over.

On a business level, every company seeks to grow. Staff numbers increase, product ranges are expanded, and profits grow with it.

The common thread that runs through this scenario is that more space will be required to accommodate these aspects of homelife and business activity.

Finding Storage Solutions

The reason for requiring extra storage depends on the circumstances at the time. Often the extra space is needed quickly, and the cost is a big factor in deciding which of the storage solutions to choose.

  • Homeowner Storage Solutions

When space is needed at home its often for a purpose. There could be many reasons why more space is required:

  • Your house or apartment is too cramped caused by excess furniture and accumulated items.
  • When you are renovating it makes good sense to get things out of the way.
  • You are between moves and you need to store your furniture for a while.
  • When couples move in together, it’s advisable to keep belongings in case it doesn’t work out.
  • When traveling for extended periods you need to find a place to store your possessions.
  • Business Storage Solutions

There are a multitude of occasions that a business will need extra business storage space. Business owners looking for storage solutions could be because they have excess stock to accommodate business growth and have nowhere to put it.  Others have machinery or equipment that needs to be stored until it can be used or sold. Others may need space to store documents and archives which are clogging up expensive office space.

The value presented by Stop and Store Lowestoft is the cheap storage of the rental space offered by self-storage over traditional commercial leases. When storing in a self-storage unit it provides excellent flexibility for the lessee. The business owner can choose from a variety of space sizes and choose the length of lease without having to commit to any deposit.

This makes self-storage very convenient, at affordable prices, meaning the business is not tied up, nor does it need to lease space more than what is needed.

As a distribution point for marketing and point of sale material, self-storage could not be a better suited place of storage. This is the perfect short-term storage solution for a business on a promotional drive in an area.

As the busy season approaches, especially around the likes of black Friday, businesses will find a self-storage solution perfect for storing the additional stock required over this period.

The beauty of renting with Stop & Store Lowestoft self-storage is the immediacy of the storage solution: simply make the enquiry, and the rest is done at exceptional speed to ensure that you get the space you need.

  • Mail Storage Solutions

Homes and businesses needing mailbox service need a secure place to have their mail delivered. For a small business especially, a mailbox adds professionalism and convenience to their operations. They can sign up to have their mail sent to Stop & Store mail centre in Lowestoft. Parking is ample, and the long business hours give you plenty of time to collect your mail.

Besides being securely placed in your personal mailbox, the entire mail centre is covered with a sophisticated security system, with intruder alarm and CCTV  where you are given your personal door code for access control. All the contracts are month-to-month.

Your mailbox is big enough to accommodate most letters.

Stop & Store Provides the Storage Solutions you Need

We aim to make storage easy for you. From the outset we can assist with the packing materials:  Why not rent the boxes from us? Simply call to book them. When you have finished with them, return them to us.

Stop and Store Lowestoft provides business and homeowners a convenient affordable storage solution. By renting a self-storage unit you can manage your cost, as you know exactly how much you are paying per day, week, or month. Our storage facility is perfectly located for access and loading, and unloading is quite easy.

The extended hours of operation allow users access when they need to use their self-storage unit at a time convenient to themselves.

Feel free to make a time to visit, view or call us to book a unit when you require self-storage.

Call us at Stop and Store at 01502 580005 or visit us at Great Eastern Warehouse Denmark Road  Lowestoft, NR32 2EH