Christmas time is nearly here. Are you planning on spending time with your family? Or are you expecting family and friends to visit you at your home? It is important to spend quality time with the people that matter to you. And that takes some preparation to achieve. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, and making space for everyone to gather to make those special memories can be a bit overwhelming.

You will need to find space for the extras – gifts need to be wrapped and stored away from the prying eyes of curious children, and of course any guests will be bringing gifts of their own. Space needs to be found for family members that are planning to visit and stay over. They have to sleep, store their luggage, and eat somewhere, so making space for the extra people to have a comfortable stay is important.

What you might find helpful when planning your Christmas activities is to hire a self-storage unit near your home.

By having a place where you can store extra furniture, and other bits and pieces for the duration of the holidays, will feel like you have added an extension to your home. You will be able to entertain your guests and enjoy their company without being surrounded by the extra clutter that we all seem to collect at this time of the year. Think of those furniture items you will not be needing over this time. They need to be stored somewhere as you make space for where your visitors can sleep and relax during the Christmas period.

Some Creative Ways to Use Your Self Storage Unit

  1. Clear Away the Clutter.

    You are sure to have pieces of furniture that you will not be needing over the next month or so. You may need to make space for that big table in your dining room which has been fashioned into your home office. Pack away your office furniture and equipment in your self storage unit where they will be well out of the way until you are ready to use them again.
    If you have been using a spare bedroom as a dumping ground for all those items that have no other place, use this opportunity to pack these items away into your self storage unit. Your guests need a comfortable place to stay.
    If you are one of those people who love decorating their houses for Christmas, you need space for those decorations and also a place to put your big Christmas tree. Instead of cramming it into a corner, why not move some furniture out of the way to make space where it can be shown off properly? It may mean moving a bookcase, or rolling up a carpet, and either of these can be safely kept in a self storage unit.

  2. Online Gift Shopping.

    If you’re doing most of your Christmas gift shopping online, you may encounter the problem of where to have your packages delivered to. There may be no one at home during the day, and you don’t necessarily want the goods delivered to your office.

  3. Store Your Personal Items

    Self storage is an ideal option for storing those personal items such as sports and home gym equipment, as well as camping equipment and seasonal clothing which seem to take up so much space at home. Once these are out of the way you will be amazed at how much space you actually have for entertaining.
    Clearing out the clutter will give you space to decorate and entertain to your heart’s content.

  4. And When Christmas is Over, Place Your Decorations in Storage

    Sadly, the holidays will soon be over, and life returns to normal. Consider keeping your storage unit for packing away your decorations once you have taken them down. Finding a place for them at home is never easy. They can become squashed and damaged if they are not stored properly. So place them along with your seasonal belongings in your self storage unit for safe keeping.

As can be seen, a self storage unit can be a life saver during this busy Christmas season. A less cluttered home will allow you to decorate your home and entertain your guests comfortably. Everyone will have enough space for their belongings.

Stop & Store Lowestoft Self Storage Unit

There are some features that are important to consider when you are deciding on a self storage facility. Security of your goods should be your number one priority, but also important is that it has a flexible booking system, and that you are able to access your unit when you need to.

  • One of the most important considerations when choosing a self storage facility is that your goods must be safe from theft. Our facility has 24 hour CCTV monitored surveillance, as well as secure perimeter fencing. Our hours of business are from 8am to 6pm for your convenience.
  • Use our online booking system to rent a unit, pay for it, and finalise all paperwork via email. Once we have received your payment, we send you your PIN and you can start moving your stuff in immediately.
  • We offer a wide range of unit sizes, so however much stuff you need to store over the holidays and beyond, there will be a unit to suit you.
  • Whether you only need the storage for a few weeks or for much longer we can accommodate you. There are no deposits to be paid and we often offer various specials, so please check our website for current specials.
  • Our units are clean, and our facility is well-maintained. A word of advice is to check that anything you place in storage is clean and dry to avoid the formation of mould and mildew.
  • Please check the customer reviews on our website.
  • We have a team of storage experts at hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

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