Using a self storage facility is such a convenient way to store extra stuff! And these facilities are becoming more and more popular as people realise how easy it is for anyone to store a wide variety of goods. Gone are the days when a storage facility was a bit grimy and run down to the extent that you would doubt if your precious belongings would even be safe. Nowadays they are well lit, clean, and with top notch security where you need have no qualms about leaving your goods.

As a householder, or even as the owner of a business, there are many occasions where you run out of space to store your stuff. Hiring a clean, dry storage room at a self storage facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft is the answer to your storage space problems.

These are Some of The Reasons You May Need Self Storage as a Homeowner

  • Going through one of the life changing experiences such as divorce, or the death of a spouse is difficult.
    Often both parties need to downsize, or in the case of losing a partner, a move may be on the cards as well. It is a difficult time where many difficult decisions have to be made. Getting rid of your belongings in a hurry need not be one of them. Keep them in a self storage unit until you feel emotionally strong enough to make final decisions about what you need to get rid of and what to keep.
  • Moving to a new home is one of the more stressful things you will have to do.
    If your move out and move in dates do not coincide, you may have to keep your furniture and household goods somewhere until your move in date. Instead of trying to cram it into a family or friend’s too small garage, renting a self storage unit is the perfect solution to this problem. Your goods will be kept safe and secure in your storage unit for as long as you need them to be.
  • Are you retiring and planning to downsize?
    There will be furniture items and appliances that are in good working order, and you want to keep them in case your kids want them at some stage in the future. So instead of selling them, keep them in a self storage unit until your family members are in a position to take their keepsakes on.
  • Are you planning to turn your spare room into a home gym? Or a home office? Instead of getting rid of the spare bedroom furniture an option would be to keep it in a self storage unit so that if you need to change it back into a bedroom, you wont have the expense of buying everything again!
  • Careful planning is required if you are planning a home renovation or even just redecorating.
    You will be expected to make space for builders and other contractors by at least clearing the furniture from the space they are required to work in. By storing these items in a self storage unit, you will keep them safely out of harms’ way. Not only can your furniture items be scratched and dented if your builders are expected to work around them, but the end date of your renovation will be delayed  – something that you do not want to happen.

Which Type of Businesses Make Use of Self Storage?

Considering that hiring a self storage unit is much cheaper per square foot than hiring a warehouse space, or extra space, or retail space, the possibilities that your business could benefit are real.

  • If you have a retail store you will often find that you run out of storage space even if you have a small stock room attached to your business. By hiring a storage unit conveniently close by to your retail operation you will always have space to keep extra stock items, seasonal sale items, and any promotional materials.
  • If you are a decorator, a landscape gardener, or if you are a professional interior decorator you will always have the problem of where to keep the tools of your trade. There is not always space at home for these things, so consider hiring a self storage unit where you can safely store them and access them whenever you need to.
  • For those who have an online store, making use of a self storage unit is perfect. Receive and pack your packages before dispatching them from the facility. Place a table in your unit, put up some shelving, keep your packaging materials handy, and you are set to go. Your stock will be safe from burglars as most facilities have superior security systems in place.
  • Are you a photographer with a framing business? A retail space for your frames, glass, cardboard, etc. is expensive to hire. A self storage unit can act as a studio where you can get all your printing and framing done.
  • If you own a franchise fixing appliances, you will need a place to store your tools. Hiring a self storage facility is a cost effective way of running your business as it is not always feasible to run it from home.

Storage Facility at Stop & Store Lowestoft

When looking for a suitable self storage facility there are some features that you should prioritize.

  1. Will your goods be safe? At our facility, security is a top priority. We have CCTV cameras that are monitored 24/7, and intruder alarms. Access is very strictly controlled.
  2. Is it clean? The last thing you want in your self storage unit is a pest infestation. Our facility is clean, and well kept.
  3. Is it easy to hire a unit? We make it very easy for our potential customers. Book with us and once we receive your payment, we send you your own PIN code. You can begin using your unit immediately.
  4. Are you flexible with regard to contracts, etc.? What we quote is what you pay as there are no hidden costs for utilities.

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